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Ashvale house is constructed with the aid of the latest computer controlled CNC technology ensuring all components fit exactly into place, therefore no alterations can be made from the original design when order is placed.

All components are designed using the latest CAD drawing programmes and manufactured using state of the art CNC routing machinery.

Panels can now be machined both sides.

New Arch Window design machined from 3 mm Medite MDF.

Arch windows now slot into place on the inside of the house also allowing you to fit your own 2 mm glass.

Slot in window sills

Intricate machined window boxes.

Matching balcony and top floor balustrade that simply slots into their respective grooves after painting

New design double front door.

Floors are pre-grooved ready for hard wiring.

6 panel internal doors included.

For ease of decoration, the windows, doors, dormers, internal/external moulding's, balustrade, window boxes etc, are not glued into place.

Skirting boards, Stairs, Spindles, coving and dado rails are available as optional extra.

Optional purpose built cabinets with either two sliding or Fixed shelves.

Optional Basement

Ashvale House






Std. Cabinet



Deep Cabinet






Ashvale House with Basement & Cabinet

Ashvale House

Width (mm)

Depth (mm)

Height (mm)

Overall (with Cabinet)


Attic (3 Rooms)

Second Floor (3 Rooms)

First Floor (3 Rooms)

Ground Floor (3 Rooms)

Basement (3 Rooms)

Std Cabinet

Deep Cabinet


Ashvale House with Cabinet